the best

way to protect a backhoe that tackles difficult terrains.


Halogen, xenon or LED light.
Always according to your needs.

Monra Protection and Equipment

Boasts of the possibility of offering the engineer extra safety while performing the hard job.

Monra Protections

is designed to provide the engineer with maximum safety at work, while at the same time protecting the machine, extending its useful life and thus protecting the investment.









TALLERES RAMÓN CASTRO reserves the right to modify the specifications or design without prior notice.

Quality Commitment

Our company operates under the strict ISO 9001 Quality Control system. This means we are obliged to follow the strictest standards of quality throughout the entire manufacturing processes.

For each Monra Protection & Equipment: 

  • Our technical office designs and calculates all the components.
  • Every aspect of the welding is handled by highly qualified and certified personnel.
  • We use only high precision CNC machinery in our work.
  • The entire product is examined for approval when finished.

Monra Protection and Equipment in detail

Main aspects that account for the durability of the machine.

Finit Elements

Optimum protection requires an exhaustive design for each machine.

Calculating the forces of impact, loads, flexures… through finit elements.


Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is made up of top brand elements that are easily reachable for maintenance, and, in addition to the electronics, makes it perform faster, reliably and accurately.


Epoxy Coating.

Two high quality components painting with good record for durability.




Designed with two opening screens that enable the cleaning of the windshield and access to the tool box.

The location of the tool box makes it fast and easy to reach the work tools.

All the boxes are armed with antitheft security.

Optionally it is possible to install a 12 mm thick hardened anti-scratched glass screwed to the structure



It has a place for a cooler and tool box, allowing maximum use of the space and optimum cooling of the oil.

The high flowing and high refrigerating cooler is easy to open for cleaning.


Frontal Backroom

Where the fire extinguisher is located to provide maximum safety of operator in case of fire.




Made of resistant structure, with elements that make it easy to access the different parts of the machine.


The edges underneath the equipment are reinforced to protect the machine against sudden impacts with embankments or rocks, and the bottom protection covers have been replaced by thicker types.

Track Guides

This system prolongs the useful life of the chassis preventing bends and dismantling of crawler.

Easily removable to reach the wheel.



Huge tank for fuel storage, which ensures long period of work (capacity depends on machine).

Bulldozer Blade

Made to provide the operator with great safety when working in difficult conditions.
It is also very useful for clearing paths, embankments…

Made with one or two high-powered hydraulic cylinders and with high quality wear-resistant material.



Very useful option for various applications like: blowing filters and coolers, for impact tools, lubrication pumps…

The protection structure itself can be used as a cylinder, which is why it has a great storage capacity.



Re-growth of chain with Bulldozer transmitter, one per slate, for better gripe.


High resistant protection for valves, hydraulic circuits, lights, etc…

Winch and Pulley

Can be installed on the arm.

The winch has a 70 m long 14 mm cable, with steel core and it has a traction force of 5000 Kg.

Hydraulic disconnection from control point.

The pulley can be turned and is mounted on bearings and bushings.



Various types of cutting-edges are manufactured at the customer's choice.

Electronic System



Integrated into the protection perimeter of the cabin and the arm.

Halogen, xenon or led headlights may be installed.


Electric Device

We perform the complete electrical installation with high quality materials of first brands.

Security Cameras

Security System with night vision video recording to protect against possible theft.

With remote connection and 3G that allows protection of the backhoe at all times from mobile telephone or computer.

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Quality Commitment

Our company operates under the strict ISO 9001 Quality Control system. This means we are obliged to follow the strictest standards of quality throughout the entire manufacturing processes.
Certificación Calidad ISO 9001
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